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Intensive hike to mount Zuqualla

Intensive hike to mount Zuqualla; that was the header of an email I received. Hmmm should I go or should I stay?

Well that was an easy one. So I boarded the bus with nine fellow hikers and

drove to a village called "one Birr". You have to know that Birr is the currency here in Ethiopia. So we kind of knew what to expect....but they should rename the village to "one hundert Birr" as we had to pay 100 Birr each, for leaving the bus there...


Slightly irritated we started our 3.5 hour accent to the Monastery. One we arrive there we headed down to the sacred crater lake. We saw some of the beautiful colobus monkey "hanging around" in the trees near the top.


All is very peaceful and quiet, its actually forbidden to touch the water of the crater lake, so no swimming ;-)

Locals were working hard, everybody was helping, even the kids. They collected the grass/ hay to feed their beloved donkeys.

View of the crater lake, it sits at around 2940 meters above seal level.


If you want to know more about the hike to Mount Zuqualla , or if you want to go on a Photo Safari and learn how to take pictures like the ones below, just let me know :-)

PS: also check out my video below